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And do so until she can't take anymore. Tia may not be the toughest slut around but she likes to be tied up in her personal life but this is her first time on camera, you can't see her anywhere else and here we give her the gorgeous Kassandra to play with her. A lifestyle submissive that has never, ever been tied up, and she is shackled spread-eagle on a bed.

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After a thorough single tailing while Megan hangs upside down, she comes again, spewing clear liquid. She just likes to hit and hit some more. Megan leaves her locked in a wooden box. She is spider-gagged and shackled to the floor in shackles, her tongue chained to a heavy metal ball. From the beginning again with Megan.

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Trapped in a custom prison only 6 inches wide, Krissy Lynn feels the squeeze, unable to even turn her head. Her breast are pressed but her phat ass sticks out beautifully for whipping and hitting. Krissy is made to cum, made to suffer, tickled, and made to cum some more. Her emotions run the gambit and she is overwhelmed at one point. She collects herself and we move on, to more pain, more cumming.

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secret agent thinks he can play tough, but a few solid strikes of Brooke's cane put him his place and he becomes a very obedient sex slave to be used for her pleasure. He is no match for Brooke Banner's beauty and he knows it. he worships Brooke's feet and gets the honor of a taste of her pussy while she milks his tightly bound cock and balls.

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She wants to try something new. Follow is some hard bondage sex, sexy foot sucking and almost a dozen hard orgasms while fucked and bound. She takes everything we dish out but seems sullen and aloof.

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Big tits, big mouth, big ass, big attitude. Chris expertly tackles one big after another while keeping Gia in tight rope and unforgiving metal restraints. The deep penetration while in rope bondage and the taste of hot cum in her mouth make Gia a happy whore!

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In a strict strappado with tight breast bondage and anal sex, forced orgasms and a nice flogging begin her journey here. In a back-breaking arch, fucks her hard with a strapon while her tits are clamped and her ass stretched. He stabs her tight innocent cunt from behind. Cristina clamped to her nipples. A bitch and sodomized.

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She screams because everything so far has been horrible, unthinkable. Yes, it is a latex sailor outfit to boot! He straps the girl's head upward to restrict movement. He wants to play Tatyana pulls out some twine and binds his balls to the ground and tying her tight the truth comes out. She comes again and again.